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Hard Cover Binding

Posted: 19th August 2020

An Introduction to Hard Cover Binding

We are often asked to quote for “a machine to make hard cover books”! It is at this point we must explain that the process of producing a hard case book requires many different types of machine. It does depend on the quality of the book, as a high-quality edition bound book with a rounded spine and foiled & embossed cover will require more processes than a simple square-backed desk diary.

Assuming we have a litho printed, cut and folded signature (section), the following are some of the machines and processes that may be needed: -

  • Section gathering machine - collating signatures into a final book block.
  • Perfect binder with gauze/lining unit to create a square spine, glued block.
  • Book sewing machine, hand fed or fully auto to create a thread sewn book block.
  • Three knife trimmer to finish the inner book block.
  • If thread sewn book block, gluing & gauzing machine required to line the spine. The following machines are required for a high-quality edition bound book –
  • Rounding & backing machine to create a rounded spine and foredge.
  • Gluing, lining and head & tail banding machine.
  • Casing-in machine to glue the book block into the outer case*
  • Pressing & heated joint forming machine to give the final book finish.
  • * A case making machine to make the hard cover using cut board, paper/cloth/leather cover material.

Finally, with the advent of POD digital book production, a single printed and collated single-leaf book block is produced. This can be processed as a perfect bound book block normally using a PUR adhesive to create a strong spine. There are simple, single-book machines available for casing-in and pressing & forming. Simple hand-fed casemakers are also available to work with the above.

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