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2015 Used BOBST Expertfoil 142 Autoplaten

Specification Ref: 9847

2015 Used BOBST Expertfoil 142 Autoplaten.
Ref: 9847. 2015 Bobst Expertfoil 142 Autoplaten
Only 2,500 hours worked!
Equipped with:
Helpline Plus system. Centerline system for quick job changeover. 
Electronic device for sheet travel control. 
Control cabinet cooling unit. 
Bobst-Electronic machine operating system CUBE3 (Control Unit Bobst Electronic) with colour touch screen. 
Manual non-stop Feeder device. 
Synchronization to control the arrival of the sheets at the front lays with a display on the C.U.B.E. screen -Adjustable while in operation: to fine tune the feeder cycle to the platen 
Feeder Plus system 
Covered with an anti-static stainless steel plate. Feed table inlet equipped with lateral ramps. 
Belt slow-down device ensuring smooth arrival of the sheets against the front lays. Front lays, adjustable in pairs with front register control. 
"Pull" guide (OS) adjustable according to Centerline marks, with side register control. Double sheet detector. 
Mechanical, integrated on pull guide (OS). 
Sheet hold-down device (guiding the sheets to the front lays). Upper frame with pneumatic lifting device. 
Upper transport equipment for paper and paperboard 
Transport belts - with lateral guidance and automatic tensioning system. 
Heated upper head. 
With 12 independent heating zones. 
Gripper reopening device. 
Automatic "on and off'' pressure device of the platen. Equipment centering and locking. 
Automatic locking of the chase against the upper beam. Measurement of the stamping force with strain gauge. 
Pile tray. 
Adjustable rear and side joggers with Centerline marks. Pivoting front joggers with quality control sampling function. Braking Brush. 
Automatic non-stop apron. 
Internal Foil Supply Module with 2 advance shafts for 350mm maximum diameter (D-350mm) foil reels consisting of 2 advance shafts, each driven by 2 individual electronically controlled motor. 
Honeycomb chase 
Stamping plate, "BM" concept 
Compensating plate, "BM" concept 
Steel supporting plate, thickness 21,8mm 
Graduated rule 
Convertible Stock:
Paper (depending on quality), min. 100 g/m2 
Board (depending on quality), up to ( * ) 2000 g/m2 
Corrugated board, (micro-flute) up to ( " ) 2.0 mm 
( * ) Carton acceptable warp : 4% of the widthwise sheet 
Sheet size, max. 1420 X 1020 mm 
Sheet size, min. 700 X 500 mm 
Stamping and embossing size, max. 1380 X 980 mm 


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