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Book Sewing (Smyth Sewing)
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Book Sewing (Smyth Sewing) - Post by Atlas Machinery

Book Sewing (Smyth Sewing)

Book Sewing (often called Smyth Sewing) is a process whereby thread is sewn through the spines of folded and gathered signatures connecting one to another. The threads are woven along the entire length of the spine, head to foot, for uniform strength and appearance. A cover material, such as thick or laminated paper or gauze, is affixed to the spine with glue and then the sewn book block may be perfect- or case-bound to complete the binding process.

Sewn books are extremely durable, withstand prolonged stress and can lie completely flat, making them easier to read and write in. It is not possible to remove a page from a sewn book without destroying the integrity of the binding and therefore sewing is ideal for bound legal & scientific books, documents and notebooks. 

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