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Case Binding / Edition Binding
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Case Binding / Edition Binding - Post by Atlas Machinery

Case Binding / Edition Binding

Case or Edition binding produces hard cover books. It involves sewing or gluing the individual signatures together, flattening the spine, applying endsheets and a strip of cloth to the spine. The pre-formed hard covers (cases) are then attached. The spine of a case-bound book is typically rounded and there are hinges (grooves) along the edges of the cover near the spine. Case bound books sometimes also have dust covers or jackets.

Case Making is the process of gluing the cloth (or printed paper) over the boards, turning the edges and making a finished “case”- usually consisting of 3 board pieces.

Casing-In is the process of applying the cover onto the formed book block. Glue is applied to the front and back end sheets and pressure is applied as the case is fitted to the book. 

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