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Useful information and frequently asked questions. Find out more about bookbinding machines and print finishing equipment.

Case Binding / Edition Binding

Case or Edition binding produces hard cover books. It involves sewing or gluing the individual signatures together, flattening the spine, applying endsheets and a strip of cloth to the spine. The pre-formed hard covers (cases) are then attached. The spine of a case-bound book is typically rounded and there are hinges (grooves) along the edges of the cover near the spine. Case bound boo.. Read More

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding is book binding in the style of paperback books, telephone directories, magazines etc where only a short useful life is expected. Single leaved or folded sections are gathered / collated into book blocks that are fed either manually or automatically into a clamp which holds the book firmly. The perfect binding process then begins by "milling" the book spine to a rough ed.. Read More

Saddle Stitching

Saddle Stitching is the way most booklets and magazines are bound - wire staples hold the piece together through the spine / centrefold. The machine gathers together the printed and folded sections in the right order, with or without a cover, and then drives the required number of wire stitches through the centerfold where they clench. The stitched product then passes into a trimmer where the.. Read More

Book Sewing (Smyth Sewing)

Book Sewing (often called Smyth Sewing) is a process whereby thread is sewn through the spines of folded and gathered signatures connecting one to another. The threads are woven along the entire length of the spine, head to foot, for uniform strength and appearance. A cover material, such as thick or laminated paper or gauze, is affixed to the spine with glue and then t.. Read More

Twin Loop / Wire-O and Spiral Binding

Twin Loop or Wire-‘O’ Binding holds the covers and pages of a document firmly in place by a double-loop wire inserted through holes drilled in their left edges. The wire is pre-formed, and open as a 'U' shape, the leaves are threaded over the wire loops and the wire is then compressed to 'close' the wire. The wire can only be closed once and therefore when in pla.. Read More

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